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Device management and data synchronization

MediaContact is a mobile device management and data synchronization software for remote, fixed or mobile terminals. A turnkey product, it simplifies management tasks and ensures remote workstation security by removing all errors resulting from incorrect actions.

Device Management of remote, fixed or mobile IT fleet

MediaContact is a device management software program designed for remote computing (mobile and fixed) that combines data synchronization and device management services.

Centralized management

MediaContact provides you with a centralized management environment for:

Management of mobile devices

With MediaContact, you have a homogenous platform that combines all the services needed to manage your remote mobile devices:

  • Remote distribution: software, applications, programs, executable files, patches, service packs, virus signatures, etc.
  •  Inventories: hardware, software, registry keys, etc.
  • Configuration management (Provisioning): password, access control, blocking functions, kiosk mode, setting up connections (Proxy, RAS, ActivSync, GPRS, WiFi)
  • Monitoring: intelligent agent on the terminal that ensures, even offline, the proper operation of remote terminals 24/7.
  • Data synchronization: databases, applications, files, messaging programs, etc.
  • Backup, restore: files, folders, registry, etc.
  • Kiosk : secured area for smartphones and tablets, application management

Technologies for remote computing

MediaContact integrates technologies designed for remote computing constraints (intermittent connections and/or varying transfer rate and continuity):

  • Differential synchronization (up to 98% gain)
  • On-the-fly compression (up to 72% gain)
  • Restart at the break point (avoid unnecessary retransmissions)
  • Dynamic bandwidth management (automatic adaptation of transfer rates)
  • Encryption, authentication (SSL/TLS-AES 128-bit)
  • Push and pull mode (adaptation to business processes)

These technologies guarantee optimal, reliable and secure transfers and synchronization regardless of whether they are used on cellular (GPRS, 3G, 3G+, etc.), wireless (WiFi) or wired (PSTN, xDSL) networks.
Moreover, MediaContact’s flexibility and user-friendliness enable quick implementation for configurations ranging from a few remote mobile devices to several thousand.

With MediaContact, you more effectively manage your remote (mobile and fixed) computing while increasing responsiveness and performance.

Schéma de fonctionnement MediaContact 



Customer testimonials ( click on logo to see case study )



Management of 4,000 mobile terminals with a future total of 20,000

"MediaContact’s ability to support fleets of thousands of heterogeneous mobile devices, both from a technical point of view (multi-server architecture: load balancing, active-active cluster) and functional (processing in bulk: pre-inscriptions, autoreporting...), is part of the criteria that determined the choice. »Michel TORRELLI - Operational Pilot Project GIMI

Mobile device management for delivery people

« Mobile devices have become our eye on the ground. They provide us with statistics and indicators on each day completed. The MDM and MAM features of MediaContact make it easier to manage the fleet of devices and MediaContact allows us to continuously monitor activities and react very quickly ».

Benjamin BRUN - Support & Development Division, Easydis - C Chez Vous (Casino Group)

Managing a fleet of 1,200 PDAs and 100 touchscreen tablet

DEKRA"It is easier to manage the fleet of devices thanks to MediaContact’s new console and the granularity of the software application."Gilles Croizat - DEKRA Industrial Information Systems Director

Administration and synchronization of 200 sales force Laptops

DIM"In addition to the synchronization tasks it performs with perfection, MediaContact represents for us an enormous help in terms of administrating our remote devices. It allows us to offer mobile users a truly optimized medium, and the result is everyone wins."Bertrand de Morel - DIM Information Systems Director

Administration of 4,000 PDAs

"Thanks to IBM service and the MEDIACONTACT software, we have access to the inventory of each device, data from deployment reports, after-sales service for each terminal, and visibility for terminal communications activity. Together, these services are invaluable in ensuring the proper functioning of our applications."Hervé Kerleguer - COFELY Section Manager, EDF SUEZ Group

Centralized management of data exchanges for restaurants

COMPASS"MediaContact enabled us to set up data flow exchanges on the fly and to increase the number of transfers. It provides remarkable reliability and stability, and considerably simplifies our work processes through the integration of remote application distribution and remote inventory management into a single data exchange tool."Emmanuel Grelaud IT Director - COMPASS Group France

Management of remote sites: 370 Midas locations

MIDAS"Since we began using MediaContact, we’ve become much more efficient, particularly with process creation and management. Thanks to MediaContact, I never have to worry about distributing and implementing new applications in remote locations.It’s easy, I can create processes in just a few clicks."Alexandre Dimitrov- Manager of IT Operations & Support MIDAS France

Data transfer and synchronisation with points of sale

COMPASS"The increase in data exchanges between our various sales points and our headquarters became a critical issue for our business. MediaContact was selected for its ability to manage all of the company’s data flows. We were able to quickly integrate the software into our infrastructure and it has proven itself to be remarkably reliable. The main qualities that were crucial to our decision were the following : complete automation of the transfer and administration process, push mode, bandwidth optimization, transfer speed, differential synchronization. In sum, MediaContact provides exceptional added value compared to a traditional FTP solution."Stéphane Henry - MESTDAGH IT Department Director

Centralized management of data exchanges with 500 locations in France

COMPASS"Of course we contacted Telelogos to see what other solutions they had to offer in addition to MediaTransfer. From the central IT facility we manage the synchronization of ’upstream’ and ’downstream’ data flows and back up remote facilities. We needed to add on remote software distribution ."Gérard Bielle - FIDUCIAL INFORMATIQUE R&D Director

Databases synchronization

"The mobility aspect was tremendously beneficial. Having information in real-time is so critical, especially in the final stages of ship-building"Thierry MOULET - Head of testing, STX France SA

Remote administration and management of EDAs

"Ever since we implemented MediaContact Enterprise, it has met our needs. It has brought the flexibility and the reactivity required to maintain a fleet of EDA’s dispersed throughout the country.The quality of service that we can now provide to iDTGV supervisors and station agents in turn allows them to better serve our clients."Antoine Fontanel - iDTGV Information Systems and Distribution Director





Device Management and Synchronization of Restaurant Data

"The MediaContact console is so easy to configure that it’s practically plug-and-play. It’s a huge advantage. Telelogos’ solution stands out for its scalability and simplicity."

Vincent COZETTE - Technical Manager of Groupe Flo’s IT Systems Department




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